We revolutionize the healthcare experience for those we serve, through an innovative culture of person-directed care, individualized spirituality and meaningful quality of life driven by stakeholder learning and purpose.

To lead radical change across the healthcare landscape to trnasform lives.

Life Enrichment

At Signature HealthCARE, the phrase “Life Enrichment” means many things. But most important, it means continuing to live life to the fullest extent possible, regardless of age or physical challenges.

We go on vacations and regular outings, host hobby clubs, hold our annual Signature Olympics events and resident art shows! On a few rare occasions, even zip lining, parasailing and skydiving!

Committed to Revolutionizing

Signature HealthCARE employs full-time Life Enrichment Directors at all of its facilities. Each of these directors is committed to revolutionizing activities in nursing centers, and working daily to fulfill our patients’ dreams and desires.


Signature HealthCARE’s Department of Spirituality, the only one of its kind, is an intervention across a broad spectrum of hope, a new healing quotient beyond the tradition of excellent care, administered jointly, interfaced with the clinical and therapy teams, an actionable intervention in the care plan system.

At Signature, spirituality is personalized, a spiritual input to optimize outcomes. It is the repeal of sickness and its void of depression; it is the return of hope, the belief in the impossible, the faith in what can be, the defiance of suffering, the truth of miracles, and the new elixir in the care continuum.

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